Experimental Surgical Services

Experimental Surgical Services at the University of Minnesota

Research and evaluation of preclinical medical devices and surgical techniques

As a premiere pre-clinical research center, Experimental Surgical Services is dedicated to advancing medical technology through translational research.

As an integral part of the University of Minnesota’s Academic Health Center, we are dedicated to educating Minnesota’s future health care professionals.

The faculty and staff of Experimental Surgical Services work to facilitate advancements in patient care through education and diligent assessment of new therapies and medical devices.


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Tradition of Innovation

ESS is the birthplace of open heart surgery. Since that first procedure over sixty years ago, the faculty and staff of Experimental Surgical Services have worked to carry on the tradition of performing the highest quality research to meet the ever changing needs of patients

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The Heart of the University

Experimental Surgical Services is located at the heart of the Academic Health Center on the University of Minnesota’s Minneapolis campus. Working with ESS can give you unparalleled access to the resources of a world class research university.

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